Perry Watts-Russell helps Josiah Leming navigate music production

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Perry Watts-Russell gives a glimpse at life as a top-level music executive and shows why he loves LA.

Perry Watts-Russell near his home in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Photo by: Stuart Holt

The Most Interesting Person Project is a series of interviews in which each person interviewed gives the name of the person they think is the most interesting person they know. That person then gets interviewed, starting the cycle over.

When Stuart and the crew of “Most Interesting Person” project find their way to Perry Watts-Russell’s house, they find something unexpected. Music industry executives are often demonized as industry scumbags, yet here was a guy who rescued Josiah Leming, a kid reeling from the loss of his mother, supporting and nurturing him as he navigated the tough business of music production.
video created by Stuart Holt

Watch the video: Panel: Beyond Record Stores - Scion Musicless Music Conference Scion AV


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