Iranian women in post-election protests

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Perhaps their actions won’t result in the kind of political change they desire. But Iranian women’s en masse presence in the post-election protests is both powerful and significant.

Photo via: misterarasmus

By now, she’s a household name.

Neda Agha-Soltan, who was killed by a sniper over the weekend, became a media sensation overnight, thanks, in part, to the circulation of the video which documented her death as it was occurring.

But for all the focus on Agha-Soltan–who was not actually participating in a protest–there are thousands more Iranian women who have taken to the streets, risking social, political, and religious condemnation, as well as their very lives.

Here are images of some of them:

Photo via: misterarasmus

Photo via: .faramarz

Photo via: .faramarz

Photo via: .faramarz

Watch the video: Iranian woman sentenced to 24 years in prison for removing hijab


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