All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

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If you’re reading this and:

A) you’re in a different country,

B) not in an Internet cafe, and

C) carrying a laptop,

Chances are you’re using an adapter of some sort.

There are hundreds of travel adapters you can easily buy to help you use your electronics (laptops, cellphones, etc) on various continents, and choosing the right one can be a tiring task which ultimately boils down to price and size.

If you find yourself still switching different adapter heads and plugs, its probably time to upgrade to an all-in-one travel adapter.

The pocket-sized, lightweight Kensington 33117 Travel Plug Adapter (weighs about half a pound) is designed to work in over 150 countries. All its power plugs are built into a single unit and slide out easily to match the country power outlet you need.

Even though there is a built-in fuse to ensure you don’t get jolted with uninvited electricity, it is important to note that this adapter is not a converter and does not step up or down based on the country’s electrical voltage so always check your electronic device’s requirements.

Voltage ranges supported are from 110-volts to 220-volts, and Mac 275-watts to Mac 550-watts.

Price: $15.71 | BUY

Watch the video: Ceptics UP-10KU International All-in-One Travel Adapter - 2x USB, 1x Type C USB


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